I say it a few times in the video but I’m not attacking anyone. This is for the people who think and say this stuff about black women. I’m sick of people degrading and attacking us for stuff everybody does. My previous upload had nothing to do with black men yet…… u see the comments i got in the intro. I don’t wanna be preachy I just wish we weren’t so judgmental and insecure. Happy New Year! Let’s leave this energy in 2019.

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Time stamps if you want to skip to a topic:
Prejudice vs preference: 1:24 and 11:04
Black women don’t seek validation: 3:04
Fetishizing Koreans/koreaboos: 4:29
Black interracial stats and double standards: 6:22
We do not hate ourselves: 9:21
My parents: 10:41
Final thoughts, conclusion: 13:02

Intro song: Hip
Artist: Mamamoo
Song1: Focus on me
Artist: Jus2
Song2: Dream Glow
Artist: BTS and Charli XCX
Outro song: Tomorrow
Artist: BTS

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