Subliminal Affirmations and Personal Development uses a practical approach to everyday problems. We aim to produce a new upload everyday from a catalogue of subjects and requests from yourselves.
Original Soundtrack Satisfy Me Woven Chaos

Music & lyrics Kelly Shenker
Copyright Kelly Shenker

Attract An Alpha Male Gay subliminal messages (extremely powerful affirmations) audio

For these subliminals to have a lasting effect consistency is key. I find I get the best results using just before I go to sleep. Leave a comment on what works best for you and also any ideas you have for further subliminals are always welcome.

This I believe these are my most powerful audio ever with a mix of subliminal and subtle hypnotic voices coming through. A subliminal message also called a hidden message, is one that’s designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. They’re inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the unconscious or deeper mind. I have placed a layer of messages underneath this audio track. These messages will speak to your subconscious mind helping you to obtain, achieve and overcome any obstacles that maybe holding you back.
Questions / Answers:
Q. How many times can / should I listen?
A. Everyone is different. I myself start by listening a few times a day and reduce or increase as I feel necessary. I find it best to listen before I go to sleep. Many people write to me saying they listen to these affirmations on a loop which they find very helpful. Honestly you need to experiment and find what works best for you. How long it will take for result also depends from person to person. Some people have written to me saying they have had instant results or feel instant effects.

Q. Can I download this?
A. Yes do it in WAV format so the quality stays high

Q. Can I listen to this when sleeping?
A. Yes

Q. Do you take requests?
A. Yes leave any requests in the comment section along with any suggestions for affirmations.

Q. Can I listen if I’m from…
A. Yes

Q Is there a limit to how much I can listen to this?
A. Absolutely not. Listen to these as much as you want to see faster results

Q. Can I listen to several Subliminal affirmations at the same time?
A. Yes Just check that they’re not clashing. Growing taller / Become smaller will obviously clash!

Any suggestions for new subliminals are always welcome and considered. Spam will not be answered.
All subliminals featured on this channel are made to the highest possible standard / audio I can create. Much consideration is put into the wording. Request will take a few days before publishing.

The backing tracks and images used in these subliminals are by (Woven Chaos) or (EJ’s Guitars) Theses are Original copyrighted soundtracks / images and music must not be replicated or used without express permission from the original creators

Wove chaos

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Some of the affirmations used are:
My desires will be manifested
I attract men easily
I attract an alpha male easily
Alpha males are attracted to me
I always know the right thing to say when around alpha males
Being a gay man makes me happy
My alpha male and I are on a inevitable course to meet
I will meet my alpha male soon
I will find the perfect alpha male for me
I will find happiness
I will find contentment
I always know the right thing to say
I love myself
I love being gay
I will find contentment with my alpha male
These affirmations go deep into my subconscious mind
My mind freely accepts these affirmations