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⚡TRANSMUTATION Benefits of Semen Retention 💥The Truth about NOFAP Superpowers (Best of No Fap Pt 4)

⚡STOP CRUELTY | Why you got to be so mean (Don’t be Cruel)

⚡BAD GIRLS | A Woman’s Past Matters (Why a Females History is Important)

⚡Stop Calling it [Cold Approaching Women] Cold Approach Pickup should be called “Talking to Girls”

⚡Where have all the Good Men Gone? Why Girls HATE Nice Guys (Stay Single in 2020 Men)

⚡Feminism vs Men’s Rights Gender Equality Speech, Feminism is Good for RED PILL Men (Feminist Cringe)

⚡Bad Boy Traits 💯😠✅ Are You Really a BADBOY? (Men can’t fake BAD BOY Status)

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🔴 ONEITIS CURE – How to get over a Crush (Obsessing Over Someone)

🔴 Hitting the Wall When She Turns 30 – WOMEN HIT THE WALL (Is there a Wall for Men?)

🔴 Beta Male Traits | 20 Beta Behaviors to Eliminate (How NOT to be an Alpha Male)

🔴 LONELINESS EPIDEMIC – How to Stop Being Lonely and Cure Loneliness

🔴 STOP BEING TOO SENSITIVE AND EMOTIONAL – Highly Sensitive HSP (Eliminate Feelings and Emotions MEN)

🔴 INTIMIDATING ALPHA MALE TRAITS – Mentally Strong (10 Signs People are intimidated by You)

🔴 10 Qualities of an Honorable/Great man

🔴 A few Quick Confidence tips and Hacks

🔴 Don’t be a “Nice Guy” Be a Kind Man

🔴Alpha Warriors of The World Rap – Manowar Warriors of the World Remake (HipHop)

🔴MASTERS OF THE ALPHAVERSE – Red Pill Rap (Alpha Male Hip Hop)

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