Feng Shui Front Door Wealth | How to attract wealth | Feng Shui Main Entrance Remedies

The feng shui of our Front door is very important because it’s the entrance for Chi or energy to come into our home.

A house is like a person. A person who is eating healthy can prevent many diseases. This is the same with our house – the front door is the ‘mouth’ of the house.
The energy or chi entering the house from the front door can directly affect our health, wealth and prosperity.

Top 5 Feng Shui Tips for your Front Door.

Tip 1. The Front Door should not be too big in relation to the size of your house.

The front door is the entrance for Chi/energy. If the door is too big, the good chi that brings opportunities and wealth could easily slip away.

Tip 2: Avoid a direct alignment of the front door with the back door or window.
When standing at the entry of your front door, can you see directly your backdoor or window. If you can, that’ s not good fengshui because the chi or energy can rush straight out of the house without circulating in your home.

A good feng shui should be one where the energy enters the house from the front door , it slowly circulating and nourishing your home before flowing out.
This would create a harmonious energy flow around the house that can enhance your wealth and health.

A remedy for this type of layout is that you can place a screen or tall plants near the main entrance to prevent the energy rushing straight out of the house.

Tip 3: The front door should not be facing the toilet, the stove or the sink.

If you can see the toilet from the front door of the house, that means the good energy entering the house would be contaminated by the bad energy from the toilet, as result, affecting your health.

A remedy for this is to place indoor plants outside your bathroom because the plants can purify the energy emitted from the toilet.

Similarly, If you can see the stove from the front entrance, that’s not good feng shui because stove represents wealth, and exposing your wealth to the public which could bring financial loss or even house burglary.

If you can see the sink from the front door, it’s not good feng shui either because water represents money, when the energy rushing straight out of the house, your fortune luck also get flushed out quickly.

A remedy for this type of structure is that you can place a screen near your front door so you can’t see the stove or the sink directly from your front entrance.

Tip 4: Keep your front door clean and tidy

The house is like a person, the Front Door represents the ‘mouth’ of the house, so it needs to be clean to let the fresh air coming through. Therefore, do not put your shoes near the front door. Instead, you can put some plants on both sides of your front door, the plants are like bodyguards protecting your house’s safety. This theory is in line with what I’ve mentioned in my previous videos that the LHS represents the Green Dragon and the RHS represent the White tiger, both can provide strong support and protection.

Tip 5: Make sure there is no obstruction blocking your front door view.

When looking out from your front door, make sure there is no trees that are blocking your view. If there is a tall tree right in front of your main entrance, the tree could block the good chi or energy from entering your home.