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Vedic culture is a spiritual academy working since 20 years in the field of spiritualism, being organised by MA DEVYANI NANDA [Dimple Sharma Laumas] .
MAA is Dikshit by Satyamargi, Aghorpanti Guru Satyanandji.
Here we teach –

1. Lamafera (All 9 levels),
2. Shalvik mantra rahasaya
3. Hunkara with Haleem
4. Mudra vigyan
5. IMV vastu
6. Sukshm naadi tantra kosh vigyan & aatma shuddhi
7. Brain age
8. Reiki (Upto Grandmaster level)
9. Angel divination
10. Crystal therapy
11. Sound healing
12. Tarot card reading
13. Chakra activation
14. Pranic healing
15. Reiki micro world
And many more…

We have many Indian and overseas students who have completed their courses in various fields of spiritualism and are successfully teaching others in the world.

For more information and help:

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Blessing you,
🙏 Gurumaa Devyani Nanda