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This Starbound Pleased Giraffe game guide shows you a variety of different types of merchant you can attract to your NPC colony houses.

You can attract chefs quite easily with just a cooking table, but to get merchants who sell you other stuff you’ll need to provide them with furniture fit for commerce – plus any optional race-specific furniture.

More exotic merchants can be attracted using biome furniture – we go through the current list of potential merchants, with an example demonstration how to go about gathering the raw material from a biome, crafting the furniture, building the shop and attracting the tenant.


Starbound challenge rooms:
How to build an NPC colony:
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Game version: Unstable beta v. Pleased Giraffe update 3
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This Starbound game guide is a companion to our completed let’s play series, a multiplayer co-op series showcasing the building, caving, brave adventuring, fighting bosses, fun things to do and general how-to/progression currently in the game. Playlist:

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