“Arth” is one of the 4 purusharths of this life. And “Arth” not only means money but also being “arthpuran”(meaningful) in ones society. Once a person becomes “arthpuran”, a person can easily attract money and fame in his life. By using simple MahaVastu technique of balancing the zones, we can create its possibilities.

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Following the framework for self-excellence in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, MahaVastu helps you to live with more happiness, health, wealth, and excellence.
MahaVastu extends a helping hand to all, free from any discrimination based on country, ethnicity, caste, religion, class, status or gender.
Dedicated intuitive Acharyas specially trained by Dr. Khushdeep Bansal provide free advice as part of our collective Yogdaan Initiative every week for 4 hours to visitors on a first come first serve basis. This intuitive advice helps you eradicate pain.
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MahaVastu facilitates learning Vedic architecture (Vastu Shastra) through short duration courses supported by intuitive MahaVastu Acharyas at grassroots level.
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