How to Attract more Replies, Relationships, and Revenue with Paul Higgins

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to grow your brand and find new customers. That being said, tell us if any of this sounds familiar :

✓ I don’t see the value of spending my valuable time prospecting on LinkedIn.

✓ I’m connecting with lots of people on LinkedIn, but I’m not seeing the results hit the bottom line.

✓ I can’t figure out the best way to communicate with prospects on LinkedIn.

✓ I’m getting an unusual amount of rejections when I try to sell to LinkedIn connections.

✓ I’m ready to walk away from finding new prospects or leads on LinkedIn.

If you are nodding your head in agreement, we invite you to check out our upcoming webinar on finding new clients on LinkedIn.

Dubb Founder ⭐️ Ruben Dua, Chief Revenue Officer Darius Santos, and Build Live Give Founder Paul Higgins – Mentor share some killer tips on how you can rely on LinkedIn to grow your business.

Here’s the video of the webinar yesterday.