How to flirt with older women. Today’s video is all about how you flirt, attract and seduce an older woman. From the way you act around her, your body language, what you say when you speak to her and the general way you present yourself, following these 10 tips will make all the difference for your success when approaching an older woman.

Clearly you are here today because you are trying to impress a certain someone that isn’t your age. You want to impress someone that is a little bit older. But there are some awesome things that you need to definitely know when it comes to the art of charming an older lady. So if you want to learn what makes dating an older lady so much better and also how to do it, well you’re going to have a good chance at flirting if you actually attend to the end of the video!

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**Contents of video**

0:00 Intro
0:45 Be youthful
2:27 Do not act immature
4:00 Maintain strong eye contact
4:29 Make her laugh
4:58 Listen to her actively
5:58 Be confident with your attraction
6:38 Remove any form of neediness
7:05 Be a gentleman
7:38 Compliment her on what she has invested in
8:07 Dress like a gentleman

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