Trying to get a pretty girl into a relationship and hoping that she accepts you and then puts up with you, is a completely different experience compared to making her chase your commitment and feel lucky to be with you.

Making a pretty girl feel lucky to be with you mostly comes down to how you approach the dating process and how you think of pretty women in terms of their value.

For example: So many guys become hijacked by their overwhelming attraction for a pretty girl and then assume that she is high value and therefore, he needs to put in loads of effort to impress her and hopefully be chosen by her.

Yet, what a pretty girl really wants is to enjoy the thrill of the chase.

She wants to feel lucky to be getting with YOU.

She wants to feel like she has to impress you to get YOU to commit to HER.

She has to earn your commitment and then maintain it by being a good girlfriend (or wife if you eventually marry her).

That’s what she really wants, but it isn’t what she will go around saying.


Who would respect her if she said that?

People would look down on her.

So, she keeps it a secret and hopes that one day, she will meet a guy who makes her feel like SHE is lucky to be with him.

As a result, she will feel determined to be such a great girl to him that he will eventually say, “Okay, you and me are boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re exclusive.”

She will then be excited about that. She will have gotten him into a relationship. She will have secured the man of her dreams.

Of course, he will treat her well in the relationship too, but she will continue to feel the pressure to impress him and maintain his interest.

That exciting, motivating feel won’t go away for her…and she’ll love it.

She’ll continue to feel lucky to be with him and other guys will look on and think, “What the heck does she see in him?” or, “Why can’t I get a pretty girl to love me that much?”

Well, now you know part of the secret.

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