Girl Defined and Allie Beth Stuckey are the antithesis to mental health. I don’t even know what to say this is so bad. Please know and understand that self love and caring for your mental health is not selfish, wrong, or bad. Come back for part two in a few weeks so can finish up this train wreck of an interview!
Context for Girl Defined’s problematic views:

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Intro: Lightrail by Twocann
Outro: Funk is the Problem but also the Solution by Twocann

BLM Resources/Donations/Petitions

Resources for Mental Health Stuff:

In Southern Arizona
– University Medicine Crisis Response Center: 24/7 mental health and substance abuse services for youth and adults in crisis. 520-301-2400

– Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse: Crisis hotline, shelter and other resources for victims of domestic abuse.

– Jewish Family and Children’s Services: Provides counseling and therapy services and has a sliding fee scale program.

– Pathways Behavioral Health Services: Youth, family, autism and foster services, substance abuse, and adult counseling services.

-Psychology Today Therapist Finder: Search engine that helps find therapists in your area.

-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 24/7/365 crisis and prevention services.

-NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness): Provides education, tools, resources, and a help line for people with mental illness.
or text NAMI to 741741