In some states in the US it is illegal to text and drive. You know, makes sense, when you’re flying down the road in a two ton cage of steel at 70 miles an hour, it’s probably good to keep your eyes on the road.

Seriously folks, if you want to text, safety first. Do it while you’re walking. Any idiot can do that.

Uhhhh, looks like that’s not any idiot. Let’s take another look at that graceful nosedive she did.

Man! That must have hurt. I mean hurt her pride. Oh man, if only there were, multiple camera angles.


Oh man, living in a police state where every action is recorded by unseen cameras could be so funny!

Did you have a good laugh? Well here’s some fun facts for you people. Every second, seven million people die from texting and walking related accidents. Still laughing? It’s the leading cause of death in the country second only to walking while chewing gum. So please, let’s not let another tragedy like this happen again.

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Oh hold on, I got a text.